Brazil’s National Environment Policy (Law 6.938/81)

Brazil's National Environmental Policy — Política Nacional do Meio Ambiente, more commonly known in Portuguese as PNMA — is the policy that puts into practice Art. 225 from the Federal Constitution, aiming to regulate activities that may affect the environment. This policy dates from 1981, before the Constitution of 1988 and within the global context… Continue reading Brazil’s National Environment Policy (Law 6.938/81)

Brazil’s National Water Resources Policy

Brazil's Water Resources Management Policy (law 9.433/97) is a document that establishes 1. important directives for the country's water management and 2. the main instrument for such management: a National Water Resources Management System (in Portuguese, SINGREH). There's no official translation to English for this policy, so the snippets I post here will be my… Continue reading Brazil’s National Water Resources Policy