The Green New Deal

On February 7, 2019, representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and senator Ed Markey released the Green New Deal resolution, a document that has since been widely discussed, endorsed and criticised. This resolution declares 5 goals and 14 projects for tackling climate change and social welfare. I personally believe this to have been a giant step for the… Continue reading The Green New Deal

Decision-Support tool: the DPSIR framework

The DPSIR framework is one of the four decision-support tools I am learning in my Environmental Management & Ethics course. The other three are cost-benefit analysis; stakeholder analysis and technology assessment. In this post I'll write what is the DPSIR and present a case study I submitted for the course. So, the DPSIR framework was… Continue reading Decision-Support tool: the DPSIR framework

The Environment in Brazil’s Federal Constitution

It may seem otherwise, but Brazil has very strong and comprehensive environmental policies, some of which are even models internationally. Though these policies encounter severe difficulty in being implemented and surveilled, they provide a good framework for environmental analysis in various sectors (water resources, forestries and waste management, for instance). Since last year I studied… Continue reading The Environment in Brazil’s Federal Constitution

Environmental Ethics Dilemma

What is right, what is wrong, and what should we do in complicated environmental dilemmas? In the following text I dig a little into these matters through three lenses: deep ecology, ecofeminism and land ethics. This is a composition I submitted for an Environmental Management and Ethics course, and it gave me a lot of… Continue reading Environmental Ethics Dilemma